Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3 Essential Gears for Muay Thai Training Thailand

Muay Thai, the national game of Thailand, is a type of martial art which gained massive popularity throughout the world. Apart from enjoying the exotic beauties of Thailand, many people from around the world are visiting this country to avail the best Muay Thai training in Thailand.

Muay Thai Training in Thailand
This martial art is often referred to as a popular form of kickboxing which involves eight major parts of a human body for both attack and defense purpose. The training of this martial art often includes intense workout sessions in order to burn the extra fat in an effective way and increase self-confidence to a great level. As a result, a person will remain energized throughout the day and can also feel secure and confident in any condition.

However, as Muay Thai is such an effective way to stay fit and gain self-confidence, the training involves some fierce moves which might, at any time, injure the opponent in the worst way possible. Therefore, the martial art experts suggest people to avail proper gear before heading for an intense Muay Thai training session. Here are 3 things one should never forget keeping in bag

Proper Guards and Padding

Appropriate padding and guards are an integral part of any martial art training session. There are several types of guards available to protect various parts of the body from unwanted injuries. Head-gear, shin guards, padded gloves, mouth guards, foot and ankle padding, knee pads, and elbow guards are the most essential guards and padding that one needs to buy before availing training for Muay Thai. Almost all of them are available at the training centers. However, one needs to own few of them for hygienic reasons. Moreover, people, who are willing to take up the training session seriously, and want to learn Muay Thai, should buy all the above mentioned guards.

Appropriate Clothing

Proper clothing plays a vital role in Muay Thai training session. Appropriate clothes can increase the flexibility of the human body to a great extent by making it comfortable. Shorts are a must have for training purpose. Other than that, a jock strap in case of men, sports bra for women, and either of tank tops or sleeveless shirts might come handy during the training period.

Apart from the dress, wrapping for various joints of body and a headband might prove to be helpful.

Prescribed Medicines

There are several medicinal equipments that one might consider packing in the bag. For example, as Muay Thai is a heavy skin contact martial art, a skin lotion and disinfectant are mandatory in the bag. Moreover, a person undergoing Muay Thai training session might receive minor scratches and scrapes. In order to treat them properly, it is better keeping cotton balls and band-aids in the bag.

Therefore, people, who want to stay fit and active and at the same time, raise their self-confidence to a whole new level, might consider availing Muay Thai training in Thailand from a renowned place. Enroll name with Lion Muay Thai Phuket for best results at an affordable price.


  1. Shorts are a must have for training purpose. Other than that, a jock strap in case of men, Thailand

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