Saturday, March 22, 2014

7 Foods to Complement Your Weight Loss Regime

Weight reduction involves some simple math. For dropping pounds, you need to have lower calories than the calories you burn. However, the food you eat can influence your pace of weight reduction. Research shows that certain food items can help you reduce weight.

This is because after eating such foods, you feel full for a long time. This curbs your food cravings. Some of such food items also boost the metabolism. Hence, consider including some of such foods in your regular diet to speed up the process of your weight reduction. If you are going to a gym in Phuket for loss of weight, the gym would also advise you to eat some of these food items.
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Listed down are some foods that encourage weight reduction:

1. Beans:

Beans are not only a great protein source but are also versatile, cheap and filling. They have high fiber content and are digested slowly. They help you to feel full for longer, and prevent you from consuming more foods.

2. Soup:

Begin your meal by having a cup of soup. This would curb your craving and help you eat less. The soup may be pureed or chunky, but should be broth based. A serving of soup should have 100 to 150 calories, and hence, avoid putting butter and cream.

3. Dark Chocolate:

If you love chocolates, eat one or two squares of dark chocolate, rather than milk chocolate. In a research, it was observed that chocolate lovers, who ate dark chocolate, ate 15% lesser pizza after a few hours than people who ate milk chocolate.

4. Pureed Vegetables:

You can include more vegetables in your diet and enjoy some “cheat” foods at the same time. This would reduce the calories you are taking. In a research, pureed zucchini and cauliflower were added to cheese and mac. People loved the dish a lot but ate 200 to 350 lower calories. These healthy vegetables can add low-calories bulk to a tasty dish.

5. Egg and Sausage:

A breakfast rich in protein can help you avoid snack attacks through the entire day. In a study conducted on a few obese young women, the women who began the day with about 35 grams of protein, felt quite fuller. The women were provided a breakfast of 350 calories, which included eggs, and a sausage patty of beef. The effect of the breakfast with high protein lasted up to the evening. The women took less fatty and sugary foods as compared to the women who took cereal for their breakfast.

6. Nuts:

Take a small handful of pecans, walnuts, peanuts or walnuts, as a healthy snack. Research indicates that people, who eat nuts, are likely to eat lesser at the later meals.

7. Apples:

Instead of having apple juice or apple sauce, go for crunchy apples. Studies show that whole fruits blunt appetite, whereas fruit sauces and juices do not. This is because raw fruits comprise more fiber. Moreover, chewing gives signals to the brain that we are eating something substantial.

These foods encouraging loss of weight are available in any supermarket in Phuket. Weight reduction occurs at a much faster pace when these foods are included in the diet. These foods have many health benefits apart from helping in weight reduction.


  1. he women were provided a breakfast of 350 calories, which included eggs, and a sausage patty of beef. The effect of the breakfast with high protein lasted up to the evening. Thailand

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