Monday, June 16, 2014

Muay Thai-The Best Self-Defending Martial Art Training

There is a conception that the physical exercise can make you powerful and the powerful men have their strong muscles. This is partially true. The large and powerful muscles are not all, skill is essential to prove that you are a real powerful man. Muay Thai technique makes strong, powerful and skillful boxer. Both men and women can take this training irrespectively.

Muay Thai training:

A boy or girl of seven years of age can take this training to learn their self defense. There is no upper age bar to take this training. The trainer Muay Thai training induces in students a clear target and an indomitable spirit in mind. The training centers of Muay Thai in Phuket have the perfect environment and quality trainers who build thousands of well-performing boxers every year.

Short history of Muay Thai:

The technique was once adopted only by the soldiers to protect themselves from their enemies of the close distance. This is a kind of martial art, the training of which was once conducted in Thailand. The name of the art, Muay Thai, is formed from this time. The soldiers of that time used to use swords, spears, laces as their weapon. The boxing arts need to be adopted for self-protection when there is none of them after a long fight. However, the entire world now prefers this art as the best self-protecting technique.

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai a kind of art in which you have to utilize your sharp mind along with the technique of fists, knees, elbows, etc. Most of the learners practice this art to acquire the knowledge of self-defense. Some of the learners target to win in the competition by providing their skills and dedication to the art. Power, force, swiftness, body bend and stretching the functionality with the application of skill makes a person win in the completion. This has become one of the great sports now-a-days, and a lot of tournaments have been arranged.

This is considered as the dangerous practice of martial art today. But, some deadly technique is not taught to the common students except some martial students.


The technique of Muay Thai is divided into two parts: one is Mae Mai (the major technique) and the other is Luk Mai (minor technique). As this is an art of destruction where the opponent enemy barter fiercely. Thus, the persons who are powerful and skillful enough win the fight. The primary level of Muay Thai training, the students has been trained with Mae Mai and the later one is trained to the students who have already gathered knowledge and technique regarding this.

The blow for blow is not the real technique of Muay Tai. The entire body movement, rotating, the kick by whirling hips, bend elbow and punch with a strong fist, etc. are the current day technique of Muay Thai training center in Phuket.

Before starting Muay Thai training, you have to take a stern physical exercise in your local gym center. It is better to join in a Muay Thai training center after completing primary training of body fitness. Most of the training centers of martial art now have the arrangement of giving body fitness training before starting the Muay Thai training.

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  1. Thus, the persons who are powerful and skillful enough win the fight. Thailand